How Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are made using the CVD method


Laboratory grown diamonds are grown from a specialised carbon plate known as a seed. 

The seed is placed inside a low-pressure microwave chamber.

Hydrogen and methane gases are then introduced.

A microwave generator pumps energy into the chamber that ignites a glowing plasma ball.

Carbon molecules rain on the seed, layering on top of it and fast-tracking the natural crystallization process.

The process is completed within six to ten weeks.

The diamond is cut and polished by a master diamond cutter, the same as if it was a mined diamond.

It is then certified by ADGL.

To aid in identification every stone* is laser inscribed BIRON LABORATORY GROWN with an individual certification number starting with “L.” Part of the long inscription can still be read (with a loupe) in most settings. *over 0.50ct