Laboratory Grown Diamonds

The future of diamonds 


Winner of the 2019 Australian Jewellery Design Awards

FANFAIR- Winner of Category: Rings over $5000

An impressive 1.50ct Biron Laboratory Grown Diamond, graded F Si1, is the focal point of this head-turning piece.  The fan design consists of seven pink Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds equalling a TDW of 1.173cts.  This ring is just over 3.30cts of scintillation from every angle.  

Physically, Optically and Chemically Identical


Laboratory Grown Diamonds are Real Diamonds!

Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory conditions that simulate the natural growing process which occurred deep within the Earth’s mantle. The result is a diamond that is physically, optically and chemically identical to a natural or mined diamond. 

As it is grown in a controlled environment, every stage of the development can be controlled and manipulated, allowing the Laboratory to determine size, clarity and even the colour (to an extent) of the finished stone. Part of the growing process involves adding impurities into the growth chamber, like Nitrogen or Boron, both of these are also found in mined diamonds.  

An advantage of Laboratory Grown Diamonds is the speed of creation. We have all heard the saying “a diamond is a million years in creation,” however, using the latest technology we have brought this down to just 6 weeks. 

From here the crystal is sent to our cutting factory to go from a rough diamond to a scintillating polished diamond ready for your stunning piece of jewellery, without ever digging into the Earth!

Laboratory Grown Diamonds VS Simulants

Diamond simulants such as Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite’s may look similar to diamonds, but that’s where it ends. They do not have the same chemical and physical properties, meaning that the refractive index is different and the hardness is different. These stones are designed to give you a cheaper alternative to a diamond, however, both are relatively easy to distinguish from diamonds. A Biron Laboratory Grown Diamond is simply a diamond that has been grown in a laboratory; it will test as a diamond on a traditional diamond probe. Even using the latest probes you are testing to see if it’s a created diamond by testing to see if it’s a Type IIA diamond (as all created diamonds will test as Type IIA). In nature Type IIA diamonds are very rare and also colourless or near colourless warranting a premium price.  

It takes much more than a skilled eye to identify a Biron diamond from a mined diamond. 

Our Selection

Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are available from 0.50ct up to 3.00ct+ in a variety of different colours.  In our white series our grades are D-I in colour and VVS to SI2 in clarity.  

One of the wonders of Biron diamonds is the vibrant colours that can be achieved at a economical price.  The main colours we produce are yellow, blue and everyone's!

What do they cost?

Get your dream ring sooner!

Whilst the equipment involved to create the diamonds is expensive, it is relatively small when compared to the costs associated with mining. 

You can expect to pay half the price for a white diamond equivalent, a third of the price for a yellow and less than a tenth for a pink or blue diamond.

So add the extra diamonds to the band, reach the coveted 1ct and get your matching band...all without breaking the bank!

Why Choose a Biron Diamond?

Certified by ADGL


All Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds over 0.50ct are certified by the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory.

Laser Inscribed


Laser inscription is visible under a 10-power jewellers loupe and is your proof of ownership in the event of loss or theft.

50+ Years Experience


Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are cut by experienced diamond cutters and come from a diamond house with over 50 years experience.

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